25-th Anniversary


21 September 2018


The sunny day of September 21, 2018 became another glorious day in the history of Alfred Nobel University. Just like 25 years ago, it started with the lecture by Prof. Anatolii Zadoia.



Now its attendees were first year students, alumni as well as honorary guests. Everybody came with own memories to tell about alma mater... However, the warm story of one of the founders about first steps of a small team of like-minded people who were confident in success and recognition of future University, allowed nobody to stay indifferent.



“WHY AND HOW TO STUDY TO SUCCEED” – both parts of this anniversary lecture – motivational and historical continued Serhiy Chymshyt, one of the first alumni, now – Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor at DIIT.


Further real and virtual communication between teachers, students and alumni was indeed meaningful. Valentina Kurdiukova, one of the alumni is a holder of MA degree in Philology (2004), as well as entrepreneur, participant and organizer of various international projects, blogger of i.culture.blog and runner of Berlin marathon.

Scholarships award by Leonid Kuchma's Presidential Foundation “Ukraine”

On September 21-st, 2018 as a tradition for Alfred Nobel University spanning 10 years, the Scholarships were awarded by Leonid Kuchma’s Presidential Foundation “Ukraine” to 5 successful students.



As it was noted by Sergiy Kholod, Rector: “Alfred Nobel University is the only private university in the list of scholarship winners”.

This year scholarships received Mykola Bulhak (BA “Psychology”), Anna Lushnikova (BA “Philology “Interpreting and Translation”), Oryna Selezneva (MA “Marketing”), Anastasia Shvedova (BA “Management) and Maxym Chobit (MA “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange”).


On September 21-st, 2018 the unique, angular mural CONSENSUS OMNIUM having no analogue in Dnipro was unveiled near Alfred Nobel University on the corner of Sicheslavska Naberezhna St and Juliusz Słowacki St. The ceremony was culmination of celebrating 25-th anniversary of Alfred Nobel University.



A modular image which was designed almost a year ago and created by Valeriy Lagutenko (ZdesRoy) in September 2018, was unveiled by students, administration and honorary guests.


During the ceremony Borys Kholod, founder and President of Alfred Nobel University emphasized that students and alumni (who are already 38000) create the present and the future of Alfred Nobel University and make weighty contribution to the development of Ukraine and the whole world. That is why the symbolic maiden’s face on the mural consists of several modules with distinctive features of different cultures.





The initiative of unification through education and culture proposed by Alfred Nobel University was discussed by Wolfgang Mössinger, Consul General of Germany and Valerii Tsiupa, adviser to the Rector for international projects and innovations, Member of the Coordination Council of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the digital economy. All the attendees sincerely congratulated the author of the mural...



We hope that numerous visits and business meetings of residents and guests of Dnipro will take place under the mural near Alfred Nobel University.

Our city received its own symbol of international student community who seeks peace and quality education for the sake of sustainable development – today and in the future.

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25-th Anniversary