International Student Mobility. Semester abroad program


International Student Mobility. Semester abroad program.

For the winter semester of the 2019-2020 academic year: April 2019

We invite students of 2nd, 3rd year Bachelor's and 1st level "Master's Degree" to take part in the student exchange program and complete one semester in a European partner university of our University (without the Erasmus + scholarship).

In the framework of this program, each student has the opportunity to:

• to study abroad during the semester;
• to study in an international environment with students from European countries;
• get unique professional and personal experience;
• get acquainted with other countries, their culture and language;
• establish new friendly contacts with students from other countries;
• get unforgettable impressions

Terms of participation in the program:
• no academic debts;
• the average grade is not lower than "80";
• Knowledge of English (or Polish or Spanish *) at B2 level.
* (when studying at a Polish or Spanish university)

Partner Universities:

Warsaw (Poland)
Kozminski University (
Branch of study: law, psychology in business, management, finance, economics, accounting and auditing

Katowice (Poland)
University of Economics in Katowice (
Branch of study: economic

University of Silesia (
Branch of study: law, psychology, pedagogy, philology, politology, tourism

Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzanias Ochraną Pracy (
Branch of study: management, advertising, psychology in business, philology

Rzeszow (Poland)
University of Rzeszów (
Branch of study: philology, pedagogy, law, political science, tourism, economic

Rijeka (Croatia)
University of Rijeka (
Branch of study: economic

Cadiz (Spain)
University of Cadiz (

Additional information and registration
International cooperation department, 2601

International Student Mobility. Semester abroad program

International Student Mobility. Semester abroad program