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Since 2011, the University has been annually audited by the external independent auditors on the compliance of its quality management system with the requirements of the international standard “ISO 9001:2008”, demonstrating each time a continuous improvement of its performance in education and research.

From late May to early June 2017, the University has successfully passed an external recertification audit conducted by the experts of the international certification agency "PRYROST", member of the DQS-UL Group. At the final meeting the experts unanimously noted that the quality management system which has been functioning during the last seven years at the University fully meets the requirements of the new standard “ISO 9001: 2015”. According to the results of the audit, the University received the following certificates (valid up to three years (until June 2020)) of conformity of its quality management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015:

  • from the German certification body “DQS Group”;


  • from the international certification network (IQNet international certificate);


  • from the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine.


General information

The Standard “ISO 9000”

Certification of the Management System in “PRYROST”, Member of the DQS Group

Certification in the International Network “IQNet”

The External Certification Audit of the University’s Quality Management System

Further Development and Improvement of the Quality Management System

What Benefits does the University get from the international and national certificates of compliance of its quality management system with the requirements of the international standard “ISO 9001:2015”?



In 2016 Alfred Nobel University successfully completed the accreditation procedure by ZEvA, Hannover (Germany). Prestigious international accreditation was awarded to 11 Bachelor’s and 14 Master’s degree programmes. Thus, Alfred Nobel University is the first and only Ukrainian higher institution that has successfully undertaken ZEvA full review procedure and has accredited all of its educational programmes by the European standards and criteria.

zeva2Historical reference

Accreditation procedure

Composition of ZEvA Review Panel

Visit of ZEvA Review Panel

Award of the accreditation by ZEvA’s Commission for International Affairs



ecbelogoInternational accreditation is one of the mechanisms for ensuring the quality of higher education in the European Higher Education Area.

Undertaking such accreditation is a free-will and independent decision of a higher educational institution.

In 2013, Alfred Nobel University was the first HEI in Ukraine that undertook international accreditation in the European Council for Business Education (ECBE, Belgium) and received the certificate of compliance of its MBA programme to European educational quality standards.

International accreditation guarantees that the diploma will be recognized all over the world.

Accreditation at the international level allows to increase the level of competitiveness of educational services and to really improve the quality of the study process through self-assessment procedures and implementation of recommendations provided by an independent institution for assessing the quality of higher education.

The MBA programme, which has been implemented in the International Business School IBS since 2009 at Alfred Nobel University, is the first and only MBA programme in Ukraine which meets the ECBE standards.

ecbe certificate

Historical reference

Accreditation procedure

Composition of the ЕСВЕ accreditation committee

The Board of Directors of European Council for Business Education decision on the accreditation of Alfred Nobel University

International accreditation