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11 october 2016

The first meeting of English Club was held at the Department of International Economic Relations and Economic Theory

It was devoted to the opportunities and experience achieved from participation in the Work and Travel programme.


28 september 2016
World Tourism Day at Alfred Nobel University: quality, usefulness, hope and trust

A meeting of Viktor Havrylenko, Director of a biosphere reserve Askania Nova named after Friedrich von Falz-Fein, member of National committee for UNESCO affairs and UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme, specialist in the Ukrainian tourism with students of the programme “TOURISM” and teachers of the Department of International Tourism and Language Training.


27 may 2016

The first meeting of the international club "Tourist"

Students believe that this first meeting will facilitate the fruitful cooperation in tourism and intercultural communication between foreign and Ukrainian students of Alfred Nobel University.


22 may 2016

English Philology and Translation Department congratulates the winners of the Inter-university scientific contest 2015-2016 Specialized in Philology!

We wish you inspiration and achievement of new scientific heights!

27 april 2016

Presentation of business projects of the 2nd year students majoring in economic subjects

Project presentation is a final stage of English language learning at the 2nd year of study at the university. Thus, the presented projects were assessed as an oral component of the exam, which is a final form of control on the subject this term.


18 april 2016

We are proud of our University!

The program of the competition included presentations on the history of the University, the personality of Alfred Nobel and many more.


29 march 2016

Congratulations to Yulia Mykhailichenko, prize winner of the international beauty contest “Miss Europe World – 2016”!

Yulia Mykhailichenko won the title “Miss Photogenic”.


24 march 2016
The 7th international research-to-practice conference of students and young researchers “Applied Psychology in the Modern World”

Over 70 students who represented 10 universities from 7 cities of Ukraine, Russia, Austria, the USA and Italy took part in the conference. The annual participation of Dnipropetrovsk school № 39 in the conference has become a tradition.


20 january 2016
South Koreans Hold a Celebration for Children with Special Needs

Choong So Meng, a foreign 4th year student of the study program “International Economics” at Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovsk took the initiative in organizing a trip to the Training and Rehabilitation Center for Children with Physical and Mental Illnesses, Kotovka, under Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council.

26 december 2015
New Year and Christmas Celebration!

New Year and Christmas celebration with students majoring in "Applied Linguistics" was held under the name "Traditional Holidays: Christmas and New Year Celebrations".

16 november 2015
A briefing with Fredrik Nicholas Stokes, Vice Consul of U.S. Embassy in Ukraine

The main topic of the briefing was to discuss the opportunities for obtaining visas for Ukrainian students and their educational opportunities in the USA.

01 october 2015
The university club “Internationalist” visits the pupils of the 11th form at the high school № 23

The school pupils had a great opportunity to get acquainted with the incredibly interesting culture and traditions of Zimbabwe at first hand.

16 june 2015
This year 7 graduates presented their Masters’ Diploma Projects in Practical Psychology in English.

This year 7 graduates presented their Masters’ Diploma Projects in Practical Psychology in English. The language supervision was made by Natalia O. Chernyak, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Applied Linguistics and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages.

12 june 2015
About the visit of guests from Paraguay - the presentation of the novel "Gunter’s Winter" by Juan Manuel Marcos

Recently, within the framework of the short visit by Dr. Igor Protsenko, professor of UniNorte -the most important private university of Paraguay, to Dnipropetrovsk a whole range of events took place at Alfred Nobel University. These events open up new perspectives on international cooperation for the University as a whole as well as for its students and teachers who study Spanish.

18 may 2015
Cooperation with foreign colleagues

Bridget Ann Goodman, American scholar, was invited into Alfred Nobel University to extend her research project “English as a Medium of Instruction in Higher Education in Post-Social Contexts”.

29 april 2015
Visit of Martin Reuther – coordinator of the European office Internship Programme of German Business

22 april 2015
“Peace-making and Educational Mission of the Nobel Peace Prize Winners” Viewed by Youth

15 april 2015
Double degree programme: the second wave

At the official level this start was initiated during the talks between the leaders of the two "higher schools"

19 march 2015
Doctor Magdy Attalla, Swiss professor, delivered lectures at Alfred Nobel University

The topic of his lectures, delivered in English, was “How to make an international career”. The lectures drew enormous interest among students of the specialities “Philology (Translation and Interpreting)” and “International Economics”.

15 march 2015
Vera Meister, professor from Brandenburg has visited Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovsk: a dream come true

The topic of Vera Meister’s first lecture in English to the students of Alfred Nobel University was chosen according to the requirements of the time. The question was modern business simulation.

14 march 2015
Finance students at the lectures and workshop , delivered in English , by Vera Meister, a professor from Brandenburg

At the lecture finance students had the opportunity to use their skills in professional English communication.

03 march 2015
Students of Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovsk, have successfully continued their english study placement in Poland

From 15 to 25 February 2015, six 3rd, 4th and 5th year philology students of Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovsk, continued their training in Sosnowiec (Poland).

22 february 2015
Saturday meeting of Ukrainian and Lithuanian representatives: a circle of the oncerned "Nobel Prize laureates" was really impressive

Students of the International School of Business as well as students of different specialities at Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovsk had a meeting with Andrius Kubilius – Lithuanian politician and international expert.

10 february 2015
3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian School Pupils’ Contest in English at Alfred Nobel University

17 december 2014
New Year Open Attendance Class

The students delivered presentations on the peculiarities of Christmas and New Year celebration in different countries (Great Britain, the USA, Italy, Spain, Japan, Ukraine).

04 december 2014
We are proud to live in Ukraine!

All the first year students of Applied Linguistics took part in this event. They prepared interesting videos, presentations and reports which were devoted to Ukrainian cultural legacy and Taras Grygorovich Shevchenko.

28 november 2014
The first Nobel quiz

The team of pupils from School № 23 was announced the Winner of the First Nobel Quiz. They won the Special Prize – Discount Certificates for the tuition fee at Alfred Nobel University

15 october 2014
Students receive their European Bachelor's Diplomas!

The first 16 students from  Alfred Nobel University successfully passed the diploma examination at the Higher School of Management and Labour Protection in Katowice (the Republic of Poland).

06 october 2014
Our congratulations to the winners of International song contest “Dolya”!

The judging panel awarded the students of Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovsk

06 october 2014 
The latest meeting of the «Mizhnarodnyk» club

The students  discussed development of Central and East European states during 25-year period after the so-called "European spring", when totalitarian regime fell in these countries

29 september 2014 
Discussion Club: The Great Gatsby in the Center of Attention

It was agreed to read the book written by F.S. Fitzgerald in 1925, to watch the film directed by Baz Luhrmann in 2013 and then to come and share the emotions in present.

24 september 2014 
The Korean Culture Day

Participants responded to the proposition of the Embassy representatives to learn the Korean language

20 september 2014 
The First meeting of Discussion Club!


Cultural and Entertainment Events