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DLitt, Full Professor

Academic profile


Graduated from Philological Faculty, Dnipropetrovsk State University in 1995, Main speciality «Russian Language and Literature», qualification «philologist, Russian language and literature teacher»

1998 – PhD in speciality 10.01.06 «Theory of Literature». Thesis title: «Correlation of Genre and Pathos in Mikhail Bulgakov’s Drama Workds».

2014 – DLitt. in specialities 10.01.04. - Literature of Foreign Countries, 10.01.05. - Comparative Literary Studies. Thesis title: «Reflections on the Faustian culture in European and American literary process in the 1920-1930s: aesthetics, poetics, typology».

Professional Trainings:


– Scientific and Practical English Teachers’ Conference “Major Subjects Teaching and Means to Intensify the Process of Education for Student Philologists”. – 26 June 2014, Dnipropetrovsk.


– Interactive Seminar “Relevant Translation Theory and Practice Issues”. – 27 February 2013, Dnipropetrovsk.


– Teacher Refresher Course for Teachers of Translation, Dnipropetrovsk, Alfred Nobel University, Ukraine, February 2011 - December 2011.


– Scientific and Practical Seminar with the participation of Leonid Chernovaty, Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law. – April 2010 .


– Macmillan Seminar “Using Modern Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching”, Macmillan Representative Office, Ukraine, November 2006.

Courses taught:

History of Foreign Literature

Newest World Culture and Literature

Latest Artistic Tendencies and Literary Process

Professional Experience

Since 1999 has been teaching at Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovsk.

Scientific supervisor of the works submitted to annual student conference “Youth of Ukraine in the Context of Cross-Cultural Communication”

Deputy of the chief editor, «Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University, Philological Sciences»

Has developed and has been teaching the course «Newest World Culture and Literature»

Scientific supervisor of Diploma papers, Course papers


Vice-Rector for Research Activities