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A skilled manager plays an exceptional role in any enterprise, because the experience and art of managers at different levels of management ensure the success of a company. Today, in business circles a degree in management is valued as an important condition for success in business and as a necessary attribute for career success.

Branch of knowledge: 07 "Management and Administration"

Speciality: 073 "Management"

The degree of "Bachelor": 4 year training (full-time, correspondence, distance form)

The mission of the educational programme "Bachelor of Management" – to deliver an efficient, high-quality, modern education which is designed to ensure the international competitiveness of our graduates.

The educational programme is implemented by the Department of Innovation Management and International Logistics

Head of the Department

Doctor of Sciences, Full Professor Ganna Glukha


Head of the Department of Innovation Management and International Logistics, Doctor of Sciences, Full Professor Ganna Glukha,

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Deputy Head

Senior Lecturer Olga Yevtushenko e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The structure of the educational programme, its educational goals and learning outcomes correspond to European standards of quality in higher education and the Bologna Declaration.

European Quality of Education

The "Bachelor of Management" at Alfred Nobel University is Ukraine’s first and only educational programme in Management which is accredited internationally by the European Agency ZEvA, Hanover (Germany), which has recognized its full compliance with international standards.

Unique offer: participation in international student exchange programmes and international internships at universities in Spain, Germany, Poland and other countries.

Double degree programmes with partner universities:

We offer:

  • Internationally recognized Bachelor's degree in Management with European Diploma Supplement
  • Teaching by experienced teachers, academics, doctors and candidates of sciences , who have been trained in leading foreign universities and by professors from foreign universities
  • Master classes of business representatives, trainers and consultants from business schools. Active teaching methods: case methods, analysis of practical situations ,role-playing games and staging, meta-planning
  • Mastery of information systems and technologies in management through the use of modern software
  • In-depth study of English .Optional study of second language , German, French, Polish
  • Specialized library stocked with the latest domestic and foreign publications
  • Sports Complex, Medical Centre

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