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MA International Economic Relations

Welcome to the study programme “International Economic Relations” (Master’s degree), language of training is Ukrainian, English.

Five reasons to sign up for the programme:

  1. Opportunity to study in English and acquire skills of professional communication dramatically increases one’s employment
  2. Opportunity to obtain a degree from a foreign University expands the scope of further employment
  3. Time saving – 2 degrees in 2 years!
  4. Using British standards of training allows you to build the skills of independent decision making in non-standard situations, which forms a good start for further career
  5. Our professors are highly qualified and they have teaching experience in European universities.

We invite to participate in the programme:

  • Bachelor’s degree graduates in International Economic Relations and International Economics, who want to get a quality education in their chosen field;
  • Bachelor’s degree graduates in other majors, who see their future linked with international economic activities;
  • Professionals, who have already completed their higher education, but feel the need to expand their knowledge of international business in order to achieve better results in their professional activities.

There is a possibility of parallel training in multiple programmes!

Use it!

Today there is no single economic activity which is not connected to international relations. Thanks to globalization of the contemporary world, graduates who possess the knowledge and skills for activity in international markets are in great demand. Graduates majoring in International Economic Relations (Master’s degree) are professionals in the field of international commodity- monetary and financial relations, development of investment market and investment assets, and who are able to work both in Ukraine and abroad.

The Mission of the Study Programme International Economic Relations (Master’s degree) is training of professionals capable of solving complex problems during professional activity in the field of international economic relations, involving research and / or innovation and characterized by uncertainty of conditions and requirements.

We incorporate European approaches and quality standards of higher education. It is the first and the only study programme International Economic Relations (Master’s degree) in Ukraine which is accredited at the international level by ZEvA agency, Hannover (Germany). ZEvA’s experts have recognized its compliance with European standards and the Bologna requirements.

Here you will find information about the study programme International Economic Relations (Master’s degree) at Alfred Nobel University (Dnipro, Ukraine).


Prof. Dr. Anatolii Zadoia

Head of of the Global Economics Department

Sicheslavska Naberezhna str., 18, Dnipro, 49000, Ukraine, of. 3308

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tel. mob., Viber, WhatsApp: +38 (050 340 10 26)


Programme title: International Economic Relations (Master’s degree)

Qualification: Master in International Economic Relations

Programme Type: Graduate programme

Mode of study: full time, part time

Duration: 1,5 years

Degree awarded: Master’s degree

Language of study: English (Full-time), Ukrainian (Full-time, Part-time).

Results of mastery of the study programme: acquisition of systematic knowledge and skills in advanced international management technologies required for developing competencies of a Master in International economic relations operating in both international and domestic markets.

We offer you:

  • An internationally recognized, practically based education in international economic relations
  • Modern forms of teaching and learning which correspond to European standards and the Bologna Declaration
  • Courses taught by experienced lecturers and professors who have completed internships at leading universities in Western Europe
  • Master classes conducted by business experts and consultants from business schools
  • Mastery of information systems and technologies in the field of international economic relations by using up- to-date software products
  • The opportunity to study German, French, Spanish and Polish on an optional basis
  • A modern library and up-to-date study literature

Programme requirements (ECTS credits).

In accordance with the Standard on higher education set for the programme “Master in International Economic Relations”, 90 ECTS credits are awarded in total. The curriculum of the study programme International Economic Relations (Master’s degree) incorporates: mandatory courses (35 ECTS credits), elective courses (25 ECTS credits). Internship - 12 ECTS credits. Master’s thesis - 18 ECTS credits*.

*the ratio of credits between parts of the programme may vary slightly from year to year

Educational goals of the Programme

 The general object of the activity of the graduates from the study programme International economic relations (Master’s degree) is international economic activity, namely, management of international competitiveness, international economic development strategy, the functioning of the global economy, innovative development of enterprises, and the management of international projects.

The programme’s educational goals are designed to:

- ensure training of Masters in International Economic Relations using a competency based approach to the education process in accordance with modern European educational standards and requirements of the national and global labour market;

- provide students with systematic knowledge and skills in advanced international management technologies required for formation of the competencies of Master in International Economic Relations;

- train qualified professionals who are able to analyse and evaluate trends and contradictions in the definition of the main directions of foreign economic activity for different enterprises, which are subjects of foreign economic activity; independently make major types of international contracts, tailored to suit traffic conditions and methods of ensuring mutual settlements;

- develop in students a modern outlook on the role of international activity in organizations as a means of integrating the various functions of a company in order to improve its efficiency in meeting the strategic objectives of the business;

- teach students to use the full range of analytical tools of international economic and investment activity for research and making strategic and tactical solutions;

- develop graduates as mature social individuals capable of solving complex communications challenges and social activities within their competence;

- develop in the study process the skills to control the organizational units, teams of experts, projects and programmes, management skills concerning small and medium enterprises;

- develop in the study process the skills to define promising directions and forms of conducting international business, negotiate with the European partners correctly, estimate correctness of drawing up the contract on delivery or on purchase of production.

Professionally Oriented Courses Offered

Strategic Management

Management of International Business Competitiveness

International Strategy of Economic Development

International Project Management

Conjuncture Analysis of International Markets

Creative Management

Economic Diplomacy

Psychology of Negotiation

Motivational Management

Economic Development

Modern Leadership Strategies: the International Aspect

Travel Business

Economic Journalism

International Mobility and Double Degree Programmes

  • Opportunity to participate in international student mobility programmes according to existing cooperation agreements in the field of student mobility with universities of Spain, Poland, Slovakia and other;
  • Invitation of foreign lecturers to conduct classes at Alfred Nobel University;
  • Opportunity to participate in double degree programmes;
  • Opportunity to study foreign languages both within the curriculum and optionally (English, German, Spanish, French, Polish);
  • Opportunity to participate in grant programmes Erasmus+, the Internship Programme of German Business for students;
  • Opportunity to continue their education in Master’s programmes in foreign universities after successful completion of the Master’s programme at Alfred Nobel University.

Career Prospects

The programme orients students to the following areas of professional career development:

  • Heads of financial, economic units and departments of foreign economic activity;
  • Managers of international projects and programs;
  • Managers of small and medium enterprises engaged in international activities;
  • Managers (managers) in foreign trade, hotels and restaurants;
  • Managers in international financial activities;
  • Managers for international market research, consultations on foreign economic activity and management;
  • Researcher (economics);
  • Economists;
  • Professionals in international project and program management;
  • Specialists in international finance and international trade;
  • Assistants to managers in foreign offices of Ukrainian enterprises of all forms of ownership
  • State inspectors in the field of international economic relations

Also a lot of our graduates have succeeded in starting their own businesses.

Enrollment requirements

Admission Regulations of Alfred Nobel University for 2020

Enrollment requirements to study programme “International Economic Relations” (Master’s degree):

For Ukrainian citizens (in Ukrainian)

For foreign citizens (in English)

HOW TO APPLY (for international students) CLICK HERE

More information about the programme:

Structure of the Study Programme “International Economic Relations” (Master’s degree)

The Intended Learning Outcomes for the Study Programme “International Economic Relations” (Master’s degree)

The Catalogue of courses for the Study Programme “International Economic Relations” (Master’s degree)

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