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Borys Kholod was awarded with the Order for Contribution to Global Peace Initiatives

Borys Kholod, President and Founder of Alfred Nobel University, delivered a keynote address at the Peace Conference which was held in Cape Coast and was themed: “Targeting Youth and Leadership Across the Globe to Achieve Peace Worldwide Through Education”.

Among the guests of the conference were prominent political and public figures, including the Vice President of the National House of Chiefs, as well as scientists from the University Of Cape Coast and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and many more.

Borys Kholod focused on the issues of peace and war, the role of courageous, creative and educated youth and students, modern and accessible education that meets the requirements of the times and is a key factor in the development and well-being of humankind. The President of the University stated that education should be the starting point and at the same time an instrument of vital development of terrestrial civilization. Higher education is already able to give millions of people a chance to escape from the captivity of ignorance and poverty.

At the same time, higher education sets the stage for future generations. Today, the agenda of the future is written in lecture rooms and university libraries. World experience shows that the students are the flagship of many economic, social and political transformations.

The examples of successful people and leaders show that the vast majority of them owe their success to Alma Mater, which has become not only a place for them to gain new knowledge but also a kind of platform for sharing ideas and experiences, for uniting their joint efforts on the path of peace and education. It is important to remember that the future is in the hands of young people, and it will be the way they create it.

Borys Kholod's ideas about the development of modern science and the potential of youth in the world using an example of the activities and achievements of Alfred Nobel University (Dnipro, Ukraine), known in Europe and the world, were welcomed by the guests of the conference. This is precisely why Borys Kholod was awarded with the Order for Contribution to Global Peace Initiatives for his dedication to the issue of peace.

With regard to plans for the near future, The 6th International Contemporary Educational Research Congress "Education, Tolerance and Peace for Equal Opportunities" will be held in July 2020 in Dnipro on the initiative of Alfred Nobel University and in partnership with universities in Germany, Turkey, Poland, and other countries.

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