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Welcome our new partner!

On September 21, 2020, the international cooperation agreement was signed between the Alfred Nobel University and the University of Le Mans (France).

It is symbolic that this agreement became the best gift for the 27th anniversary of Alfred Nobel University and is the result of joint work of the Presidents of the two Universities, Boris Ivanovich Kholod and Rachid El Guerjouma.

Our new French partner is a modern, dynamic, rapidly developing higher education institution with high quality training of its students, recognized professional level of its specialists, introduction of the most modern approaches to teaching, as well as openness to international cooperation and student and teacher mobility.

The University of Le Mans has many educational programs that coincide with those provided at Alfred Nobel University. That is why both sides expressed their desire and intention to develop interuniversity relations and stressed their readiness for fruitful cooperation to provide all students, teachers and departments of their universities with new opportunities in education, science and development of joint projects.


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