Логотіп університета імені Альфреда Нобеля

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Dear Borys Ivanovych!

On the occasion of your anniversary we would like to express our sincere gratitude to fate for bringing us together with such a leader, colleague, teacher and just a wise person. Your life was not the bed of roses. In your path of life, you met successes and failures, hopes and disappointments, ups and downs, successful decisions and mistakes… However, you still adhere to your life principles: kindness, faith in people, optimism, strategic thinking, innovation and quality.

During your life you have had to work in different positions at both the state and local level, but everywhere you have achieved the desired results. Your contribution to the development of advanced higher education in Ukraine is invaluable. In a quarter of a century you had established the University, had made it the leader of national education, had achieved the international recognition, had made it the model to be followed. There is just a short list of your talents as a leader. We are extremely pleased to realize that thanks to you, all of us, from professors to students, feel involved in the very important project, the brightest dream of your life – the creation of the world-class educational institution. Together we are changing the world for better!

Dear Borys Ivanovych, we wish you vital energy and the good spirit, creative inspiration and new achievements! The entire team of the University is the team of like-minded people who are ready to follow their Leader!

Students, lecturers and staff
of Alfred Nobel University

Sincere congratulations from international partners

We are proud of our graduates!

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