Bachelor in Computer Science
Your ticket to the IT world: from dream to reality

Prepare yourself for a global IT career to be a highly paid professional from any corner of the world

International recognition
Get a diploma with Ukrainian and international accreditation that opens doors to leading IT companies worldwide
Wide range of specialisations
Proficiency in fields ranging from Java and web design to app development and DevOps, with the opportunity to master 1-3 professions
Flexibility and international experience
Learn offline on campus or online from any part of the world and benefit from unique international mobility and internship programmes

Why choose us? Because we turn your ambitions into reality, supporting every step of your journey to success in the tech world

Discover a world where your career knows no boundaries. Earn from $3,000 to $10,000 per month, working from any part of the globe and enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with a career in IT
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Before enrollment, there is always a bunch of ideas, aspirations, and questions swirling in your head about what to choose and what will be the right decision. Do you recognise yourself?

Desire to grow in a dynamic industry
“I want to be at the forefront of technology and work in the IT industry. I need a programme that is constantly updated to incorporate the latest technological innovations and trends”
Striving for a high-paying job
“I’ve heard that IT professionals earn well, and I want to ensure a financially stable future for myself. It’s important to me that my education helps me develop high-demand skills that will open doors to the best companies worldwide”
Seeking flexibility in education and career
“I prefer freedom and flexibility in my studies, as well as in my work. I need a programme that allows me to learn online or from anywhere in the world and provides the opportunity to work on international projects”
Interest in specialising in a specific IT field
“I am especially interested in software development, cybersecurity, and web design. I am looking for a programme that can offer deep immersion in this field and provide real projects to develop my skills”
Seeking programmes with strong industry connections
“It’s important to me that the programme has strong ties with the IT industry, providing opportunities for internships and collaboration with leading technology companies. This will help me integrate into the professional community and improve my chances of success.”

Discover the world of IT with our Bachelor’s programme in Computer Science

Become a part of the technological future
The programme constantly evolves to incorporate the latest trends in the world of technology, from software development to artificial intelligence. We prepare you for the real challenges of tomorrow
High salary in the global IT sector
Our programme will open doors to IT careers, where both technical and non-technical specialists will find their place, and salaries start from $3,000 to $10,000 per month
Education without borders
Participate in international mobility and internship programmes to gain global communication experience and foster intercultural teamwork
Specialisation that matches your interests
The programme immerses you in the chosen specialisation and develops specific skills necessary for your future career
Professional community
Our close ties with leading IT companies provide you with real-world experience and facilitate a smooth transition from education to a career in the high-tech industry

Structured knowledge, expertise and experience from top lecturers

are the minimum you will receive within each educational module, among which are:
Further Mathematics Discrete Mathematics Mathematical Analysis Data Analysis
IT Architecture
Computer Architecture Operating System Architecture Databases and Information Systems
Java Object-Oriented Programming Software Development and Engineering Application Development
Modelling and Designing
AI Models and Methods Machine Learning Simulation Modelling Modelling of Complex Systems DevOps
Web Development
Frontend/Backend Web Design Computer Graphics Mobile App Development
Network Technologies and Security Decision Support Systems Fundamentals of Cryptography Cybersecurity

The learning environment at Alfred Nobel University will change your perception of education in Ukraine

60% of practical training
with exclusively profession-oriented courses and real projects with representatives of the IT industry
150+ professors
Phds, associate professors, business practitioners, and Senior/Master level specialists
International student exchange programmes
with 88+ universities from 25 countries worldwide
to professional software, literature, and best international practices
Advanced English
to communicate with the professional community and stay updated on market innovations firsthand
Educational environment
with campus facilities, sports halls, conference rooms, online platform, cafes, and student hub.

We care for every student and offer learning in a convenient format

full-time in Ukrainian or English
Blended (online + offline)
full-time in Ukrainian or English
Individualised Schedule
full-time in Ukrainian or English

3 simple steps to apply

Get a certificate and pass the NMT
Register the entrant’s electronic account
Submit an application for admission to the Alfred Nobel University (1271 in UEBO)

Department of Information Technologies — Dive into IT Education and Skill Enhancement

11 professional lecturers
65% of whom are practicing experts, with 60% holding academic degrees and titles
SoftServe Silver Partner Award in 2023
representing 5 years of partnership
International Educational Partners
Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)
IT Industry in classes and practices
EPAM, SoftServe, LUXOFT, Code Club, IT Dnipro Community, and more
International IT hackathons
and competitions from partners, facilitating professional networking for students and lecturers
Professional software
and access to literature for every student

Our students are employed in internationally recognised companies

Take the first step towards your successful IT career!

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