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Trends in Sustainable Development in Tourism and Hospitality: a lecture by Syed Mubarak Abdul Razaak (Singapore)

On October 5, participants in the 'Globally Networked Learning in Hospitality and Tourism' Virtual Mobility Program, Alfred Nobel University, Dnipro, Ukraine majoring in Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Program, and students in Hospitality from Washington State University, the United States had the opportunity to learn from Syed Mubarak, Vice-President Sustainability and Technology at EPS (S) Pte Ltd (Singapore), who has more than 300 years of experience in managing sustainable business development, namely energy saving projects, natural resource management, social programs and management, and certification and standardization of various business areas.

The speaker was not only presenting sustainability trends and sustainable development goals, but about what can be done in hospitality and tourism, what are the risk points, for example, the highest among other industries electricity spending per square meter, as well as which programs and practices can be planned and how they can be implemented.

The question-and-answer session was also extremely informative, which traditionally allows applicants and the lecturer to communicate on the topic of professional issues. Today students asked about solving the problems of food waste in hotels (buffet breakfast), electricity, plastic, water waste and more. They also asked about personalization in guest service and how personalization can instill habits of sustainable use of natural resources. They also learned about interesting business practices for changing the people behaviour – that of employees, suppliers, partners, guests – in relation to sustainable, "green" practices.

We are grateful to the Professor Dipra Jha from the University of Washington (USA) for the opportunity to listen to incredible professionals in love with their work, who generously share experience in organizing and managing processes that concern not only the tourism and hospitality industry, but the whole world!

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