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Unification Day of Students from Europe, America, Asia and Africa

On 3 October 2019, a large-scale event took place at Alfred Nobel University, where students from 42 countries of the world study, and extended to the picturesque embankment of Dnipro City.

In 2018, students from different countries and continents who study at Alfred Nobel University put forward an initiative to hold a new student holiday.

This Unification Day is a significant event aimed at uniting students and making knowledge the most powerful weapon that will preserve peace on Earth and enable countries to flourish and strengthen their independence politically and economically, so the celebration programme was impressive.

The official opening of this holiday took place at the memorial park complex “Alfred Nobel Planet”. The orchestra of Hlinka Academy of Music, Dnipro City (headed by the artistic director and bandmaster Ihor Hruzin) played loudly and with style for the holiday guests since morning. Students, professors, representatives of communities, diasporas and honorary guests gathered at the opening.

By the way, among the guests there were the following persons:

Hlib Pryhunov- Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council

Oleksandr Shykulenko- Deputy Mayor for Executive Bodies

Peter Schmahl- Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Oleh Starostin– Head of Office of SMM of OSCE in Dnipro City

Samuel Ato Duncan – Executive President of the Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission – (Republic of Ghana)

Oleh Vasylenko -Honorary Consul of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Dnipro City

Oleksii Lysenko - Honorary Consul of Ivory Coast

Iryna Fomenko - Head of Public Relations Department of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Austria in Dnipro City

Mesut Ert – Chairman of the International Turkish-Ukrainian Business Association in Zaporizhzhia region

Yehuda Kellerman– rabbi,Head of Donetsk Jewish Community

Aliada Kankava-Mansurova–Head of the Georgian Diaspora "Eris-Ertoba"

Anaida Arzumanova - Executive Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Society of Armenian Culture

Suleiman Mualim - Deputy Chairman of the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Ukraine in Dnipro City and Dnipropetrovsk region

Kostiantyn Kovalishyn–the First Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association of Students

Mykola Bulhak - Chairman of the Student Parliament of Alfred Nobel University from 2018 to 2019, one of the initiators of the Unification Day of Students from Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Declaration of Unification of Young Students
in celebration of the initiation of the Unification Day and the Address to the UNO

Last year, the Declaration of Unification of Young Students was adopted in celebration of the initiation of the Unification Day, and this year students adopted the Address to the United Nations Organization, in which they reflected shared values, hopes and determination to make the world better, drew special attention to the potential of a contemporary higher education, to the opportunities this education opens for those who are looking for ways to build a better world.

Realizing the special role of young people in the fate of humanity, the participants encouraged young students to unite, cooperate, and exchange ideas and experience. Education is a solid foundation for future changes.

We hope that the initiative to celebrate the Unification Day on the first Thursday of October every year will certainly find support from the UNO and the international community.

Pomegranate is a new symbol of the Unification Day

This year, the holiday acquired its own symbol – a pomegranate.It is the king of fruits, the symbol of eternal life, rebirth, sun, harvest, beauty, energy and unification. It has existed even since before the times of the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Persians and Armenians. This positive symbol is found in myths and appreciated by the world religions.Pomegranate is a multitude of grains united under a sheer shell, and provides an amazing example of uniting multiple things into a whole, symbolizing the possibility of internal peace, wholeness, and, above all, harmony.

After the welcoming speeches of the guests and expressions of verbal support of the holiday, the student of Alfred Nobel University Mahmoud Salem (Libya) and the Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association of Students Kostiantyn Kovalishyn read the Address to the UNO, and then the students representing Europe, America, Asia and Africa signed and endorsed the Address to the UNO in celebration of the Unification Day of Students from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The celebrations culminated with tearing up a round loaf – a fine tradition that symbolizes involvement in a joint activity, initiative and achievement.

There are a lot of things that can unite: dance rhythms, rhythms of life, love of art. That is why an exhibition of paintings by the local artist Tetiana Drobakhina “Touch” was held in the alley of the memorial park complex “Alfred Nobel Planet.

During the day, presentations were held at the memorial park complex: diasporas and communities presented national cultures to the students and guests of the Unification Day and treated them to their national bread. Everyone had the opportunity to explore the “bread map” of Dnipro City and the world.

Flash mob U*Step

A large-scale flash mob dance“U*Step” (Unification step) was held on Dnipro City’s embankment, near Alfred Nobel University, in celebration of the Unification Day of Students from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Holiday guests and students studying in Dnipro City took part in this flash mob.

Under the supervision of Iryna Prilous – artistic director of the folk group of sports and pop-dance “Mix”, young people learned the famous and the most recognizable dance movements of different cultures and continents. The flash mob consisted of 4 parts and left neither the participants, nor passers-by indifferent due to its catchy rhythms. Dances that can unite are not easy,so the students were assisted by the masters of the commercial out-of-school education facility for children and young people “Storm”.

The flash mob “U*Step” emphasized the international composition of Dnipro City’s student body. To dance together is a lot of fun, so the students handed over the dance baton from Dnipro City to the students from other countries, namely:

  • University of Rzeszów (Republic of Poland),
  • University of Bamberg (Germany),
  • University of Centro Paula Souza (Brazil)
  • Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (China).
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Dance with students and post videos on the social networks with the hashtag #UnificationDay.

Education - unites nations!

Education - unites the countries!

Alfred Nobel University - unites hearts!

We can change the world

In celebration of the Unification Day, the contest of works“We can change the world” was held among school children and students as well.

The works were submitted in several categories and nominations until 25 September 2019. The contest "We can change the world!" was held in the two directions:

  1. Creative contest in the following nominations:

- Photo contest

- Video work

- Artwork

- Essay

- Infographics

- Handmade

  1. Contest of research papers.

Boys and girls submitted their artworks, photos, videos, posters, and hand-made works and wrote research papers.

The contest’s final round and presentation of awards to the winners took place on 3 October in the Nobel Laureates’ Hall at Alfred Nobel University during the ceremony in celebration of the Unification Day. The creative works of the participants were organized into an exhibition, so the guests, participants and students had the opportunity to admire the wonderful creative works received by the organizing committee.

The round table of the Centers for International Education

The Centers for International Education of leading higher educational institutions came together at the round table “Internationalization and the Benefits of Higher Education in Ukraine” at the Ukrainian-Polish Center of Alfred Nobel University in order to discuss ways to solve the problems young people face when they come to Ukraine to obtain a high quality higher education which transmits knowledge and professional skills.


The number of foreign students coming to Ukraine to obtain a higher education is increasing every year, which raises new challenges for the state and higher educational institutions regarding the quality of study programmes, bureaucratic procedures, insurance, etc.

At the moment, 197 students from 38 countries of the world study at Alfred Nobel University. They have chosen the contemporary, high quality and transparent education offered by Alfred Nobel University and study best practices in various specialties and programmes: Bachelor’s programmes, Master’s programmes, PhD programmes and the МВА programme implemented by the International Business School (IBS).

The Unification Day of Students from Europe, America, Asia and Africa was celebrated on a grand and formal scale. The text of the students’ Address to the UNO will be posted on the web resources сhange.org and avaaz.org in order to call on compassionate persons to support the initiative of the students studying in Ukraine.

From now, on the first Thursday of October, students will celebrate the Unification Day of Students from Europe, America, Asia and Africa, thanks to the students from different continents who study at Alfred Nobel University, one of the best flagship universities of Ukraine!

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