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Alfred Nobel University students took first place in case championship

The recently founded case club at Alfred Nobel University took part in a case championship by the Ukrainian startup «Grow-some» which specializes in growing microgreens. The championship was supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) project “Economic support for Eastern Ukraine”.

The competition aimed to create a unique idea for further business development that would correspond to the startup mission.

"Business Sonyashnyky" team took first place in the competition, proposing to differentiate the product line as well as use an innovative approach to improve the service mechanisms offered to the consumer. Participants researched current trends and the microgreen market in Ukraine, consumer needs, target audience, and the most profitable sales channels to find the most effective solution.

The team included 4th-year students of International Economic Relations - Oleksandra Klochko, Kseniia Shepotko, Anna Shylova, and a Philology student Ilona Kravtsova.

"Case championship is an invaluable experience from start to finish, which is definitely worth a try. And it's not about winning. You try to thoroughly study the company’s operation field, understand its needs, and at the same time, boost soft and hard skills needed on the career path. In addition, it is quite interesting to learn about the case solution proposed by other participants because these are different points of view on one issue. I am delighted that a case club, which encourages students to participate in similar activities, has appeared at University, intending to teach them to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. I hope that students will join this initiative." - said Oleksandra Klochko, one of the participants in the championship from the team «Business Sonyashnyky».

It should be noted that out of 8 teams that took part in the final, 4 were created by students of Alfred Nobel University.

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