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BA in Unmanned Systems Engineering

Step into the future

Embark on your journey into the era of unmanned systems and artificial intelligence right here – unlock the doors to a world of cutting-edge technologies and innovations with our programme

Build the career of the future
Learn to create and manage unmanned systems that revolutionise industries from logistics to smart cities to be highly sought after in the global job market
Real projects and innovative research
Dive into in-depth practical training through real projects with the University’s partners and seize the opportunity to join cutting-edge research in globally recognised labs
Mentorship from industry leaders
Your journey to success will be bolstered by mentorship from esteemed experts and industry leaders, offering unique opportunities for professional networking and internships at leading companies

Embrace the future of technologies: 4 compelling advantages of a career in unmanned systems engineering

Annual Market Growth of 25%
In 2022, the global drone market was valued at $22.4 billion, and it is projected to grow from $28 to $166,70 billion between 2023 and 2031
Applications across 10+ industries
including agriculture, construction, energy, government, public safety, transportation, photography and film, delivery and logistics, retail, military and defense, and more
15% annual increase in demand
for engineers, software developers and drone pilots, especially in the agricultural sector, delivery, military, and defence industries
$118,000 per year is the average salary
of an unmanned systems specialist, with engineers and software developers being among the highest earners, making from $300 to $500 per hour

The future belongs to the brave: are you ready?

Explore a world where your interests and passions evolve into the profession of the future
You are an innovator
always searching for the latest technologies and innovations, with videos about drones and artificial intelligence captivating you just as much as a new episode of your favourite movie
You are a dreamer with a pragmatic view of life
believing in a future where technology serves humanity, and ambitious to contribute to it
You are a passionate explorer with boundless curiosity
excited to invest hours in studying the intricacies of drone mechanics and exploring their capabilities
You are a leader and creator
who not only keeps up with the latest technological trends but also has your own ideas on how to use them to solve real-world problems

Begin your path to innovations and technologies with our Unmanned Systems Engineering programme, which includes:

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
You will study the principles of operation and design of various UAVs – from multicopters for entertainment to systems for commercial and military use
Artificial intelligence
The specialisation is focused on the development and application of AI in unmanned systems (data processing, image recognition, environmental analysis, and more)
Programming and management
You will master programming skills required for creating autonomous flight algorithms and learn to control UAVs.
Practical experience and research
You will learn to apply your knowledge in practical settings and participate in projects related to the development of new unmanned systems.
New career opportunities
You will learn to create and maintain various types of unmanned systems for different industries, ranging from photography to complex agricultural systems.

The Bachelor’s programme in Unmanned Systems Engineering is built on the best traditions of Ukrainian aviation and is practical-oriented

General studies
Foreign Language Further Mathematics Physics Chemistry Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics Theoretical Mechanics Theory of Mechanisms and Machines Economics and Enterprise Management
Professional studies
Materials Science Unmanned Systems Equipment Interchangeability and Fundamentals of Metrology Electrical Engineering Hydraulics and Pneumatics Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Machine components Structural Mechanics Power Units and Their Components in Unmanned Systems Strength Calculation of Structures Fundamentals of Aerodynamics and Dynamics of Unmanned Systems Design and Engineering of Unmanned Systems Unmanned Systems Production Technology Maintenance of Unmanned Systems of Different Types

Specialisation 1: Design and Manufacturing of Unmanned Systems
Designing Automatic Control Systems for Unmanned Vehicles Fundamentals of Unmanned Systems Programming Design of Power Units and Systems for Unmanned Vehicles Modern Technologies for Manufacturing Unmanned Systems Components and Assemblies Logistics Diagnostics of Unmanned Systems Components and Quality Control Unmanned Systems Reliability and Resilience
Specialisation 2: Operation of Unmanned Systems with IoT Integration
Electrical Equipment for Unmanned Systems IoT Components for Various Types of Unmanned Systems Technologies for Maintaining, Repairing, and Refurbishing Components and Assemblies of Various Types of Unmanned Systems Control and Configuration Systems for Unmanned Systems Controllers Unmanned Systems Hardware Operational Complexes Powered by Unmanned Systems Control of Various Types of Unmanned Systems

Specialisation 3: Design of Specialised Engines
Hydrogasodynamics of Rocket Engines Theory of Rocket Engines Design and Engineering of Liquid Rocket Engines Design of Rocket Engine Systems Design and Engineering of Turbopump Assemblies Design and Engineering of Solid Rocket Engines Design and Engineering of Specialised Engines Specialised Technologies in Engine and Power Systems Manufacturing

We care about the comfort of each student and therefore offer training in a convenient format within the framework of an innovative curriculum.

Offline or Blended (offline+online)
Full-time in Ukrainian or English
Full-time in Ukrainian or English
Individual schedule
Part-time in Ukrainian

Cost of education

Start of studies – September 2024
UAH 31 000
UAH 62 000
Full price
UAH 248 000

Special conditions are available for all our programs:

  • Personal certificate for UAH 5,000 to pay for the 1st year of study
  • Deferred payment from partner banks – Privatbank or Monobank
  • Special offers – see here

Three simple steps to enroll in the BA program “Unmanned Systems Engineering”

Get a certificate/diploma and pass the NMT/EVI
Register the entrant’s electronic account
Submit an application for admission to the Alfred Nobel University (1271 in UEBO)

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