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In Loving Memory of Borys Kholod

We are sad to announce that on November 2, 2021, Borys Kholod, Founder and President of Alfred Nobel University, Honoured Scientist and Engineer of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor passed away. It is his innovative viewpoints on the world and education, foresight, braveness and charisma that have allowed thousands of ANU graduates to receive an advanced, high-quality and transparent higher education in Ukraine.

Borys Kholod was born on January 3, 1941 in the Horodyshche village of Sumy region. He graduated from Dnipropetrovsk State University, defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Philosophy at the Academy of Social Sciences, received a degree of Doctor of Economics after defending his PhD thesis at the Institute of Industrial Economics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, studied on the international Strategic Marketing MBA programme and Education Management programme at Schiller International University.

Borys Kholod’s life path is a consistent implementation of the principle ‘If you do something, do it well!’, formed back in the years of work on the collective farm in his native village, strengthened during military service and consistently embodied in all positions which he had to hold. Whether managing the Zhovtnevyi district of Dnipro, working as the First Deputy of the Minister of Education of Ukraine, or heading the National Agency for Television and Radio Broadcasting, Borys Kholod has always demonstrated a state approach, well understanding the needs of society and finding ways to address them.

It was Borys Kholod life’s work to create an educational institution of new type. In 1993, he founded the Alfred Nobel University (formerly called the Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Management, Business and Law), headed by its creator throughout the whole period. Thanks to its leader, the University has become one of the best educational institutions in Ukraine, well known far beyond its borders.

All of Borys Kholod’s initiatives were strategic. He is the author of the idea and project of a unique memorial sign Alfred Nobel Planet, which aims to glorify and promote science and creative genius of man. With his support, students introduced and celebrate in October the Unification Day of Students from Europe, America, Asia and Africa, a new student holiday.

His life ended in its prime. Borys Kholod had a lot of ideas to implement. As an ambitious man, in 2023 he planned to hold the World Congress of University Rectors and work together to find new higher education models in current uncertain times. On his initiative, the University entered the next international accreditation procedure…

Borys Kholod’s activity was highly awarded. He was awarded the Order of Merit, the Order of Danylo Halytsky, the Badge of the Civil Service of Ukraine ‘For Dedicated Work’, the Gold Medal of the American Bibliographic Society. He is a laureate of the International Socrates Prize and was awarded the honorary title of Knight of the Motherland.

Today everyone has lost a great scientist and a great man. We deeply mourn with everyone who knew Borys Kholod. We express our heartfelt condolences to relatives and friends.

May your soul rest in eternal peace

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