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Globally Networked Learning in Hospitality and Tourism. Lecture from Dubai

The second fabulous lecture in a Globally Networked Learning in Hospitality and Tourism program on Thu, 16 September 2021, was conducted by an inspirational lecturer, Professor David Butterton, Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Dubai, UAE: Tourism & Hospitality in Dubai.

Professor Dipra Jha, Washington State University, USA, the course creator and coordinator, did his best to involve the most outstanding lectures from industry into the course.

Students from the USA, Ukraine, Kosovo and Croatia came together to learn, communicate and get involved into the best ever type of learning.

Professor David Butterton traced back in history from the fishing village to a miracle much visited by travellers from around the globe, as well as the one spoken about all over the world today.

The participants received an invitation to study in Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Dubai, UAE, which was presented by Raluca Dumitrescu.

There was a follow-up discussion of the factors, which facilitated the industry boost, the way the authorities, the business and the trends in Tourism and Hospitality comply with traditions and the culture in Dubai.

Students in Tourism and Hospitality at Alfred Nobel University also had a chance to do a previous task. Professor Dipra Jha kindly shared with us. Halyna Miasoid, Associate Professor at the Department of International Tourism and Hotel & Restaurant Business at Alfred Nobel University, created a Google Classroom so that all students have the chance to grow.

Here is the feedback we received from Professor Dipra Jha to the task completed by Artem Yerohin, 3rd year student in Hospitality:

Also, there are some responses about the course first lecture by Doctor Kristin Malek, University of Nebraska Lincoln: Introduction to Events, conducted on Tue, 14 Sept.

We are continuing ‘Globally Networked Learning in Hospitality and Tourism’ next Tuesday with Hotel Operations, Four Seasons Hotel, Seattle Presentation.

Let’s grow together!

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