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1st International Conference on Migration and Gender Issues (2021 COMAGI)

March 15, 2021

2021 COMAGI Virtual Conference

Dear Participants in the March 11-12 2021 COMAGI Virtual Conference:

Thank you all for participating in the March 11-12 COMAGI 2021. The variety and quality of the panels were indeed impressive. We were pleased to welcome so many people from different countries, and to have Adj. Prof. Dr. Elli Heikkilä deliver the introductory and keynote addresses.

The experience of this conference convinced us that Zoom broadens the COMAGI reach and promotes its mission.

We will update you on our future steps concerning giving certificates and publication a collection of abstracts in London, the U.K.

Meanwhile, accept our gratitude for your support of the 2021 COMAGI and its mission.

Above all, stay safe and upbeat.


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