Department of Applied Linguistics and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

Oleg Tarnopolsky - Head

Oleg Tarnopolsky


Maryna Kabanova - Deputy head

Maryna Kabanova

Deputy head

Paul Bradbeer - Lecturer

Paul Bradbeer


Svitlana Storozhuk - Senior lecturer

Svitlana Storozhuk

Senior lecturer

Yuliia Bartashevska - Associate Professor

Yuliia Bartashevska

Associate Professor

Sergiy Vakarchuk - Professor

Sergiy Vakarchuk


Vyacheslav Kosarev - Professor

Vyacheslav Kosarev


Ruslan Kluchnyk - Associate Professor

Ruslan Kluchnyk

Associate Professor

Oleg Tarnopolsky

Oleg Tarnopolsky

Doctor of Pedagogy, Full Professor

Academic profile


2005 – Certificate of completing the Fulbright program. Foreign Language Teaching. Portland State University, Portland, USA;

1999 – Certificate of completing the Regional Scholar Exchange Program. Foreign Language Teaching. The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA;

1995 – Certificate of completing the Fulbright program. Foreign Language Teaching. The State University of New York, Buffalo, USA;

1992 – Doctor of Pedagogy. Foreign Language Teaching. Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia;

1979 – Candidate of Pedagogy. Foreign Language Teaching. Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, Moscow, Russia;

1972 – Diploma of Higher Education with Highest Honors. English and Teaching English. Dnipro State University, Dnipro, Ukraine.

Professional honors, awards, fellowships::

2012 – Golden decoration for Ukraine for Pedagogical Sciences in Absolute championship of the II stage of Research Analytics Championship in pedagogical sciences, psychological sciences and the I stage of the Research Analytics Championship in the philological sciences (London, May 16-May 21, 2012);

2012 – Silver diploma for Ukraine for Pedagogical Sciences in Alpha-championship of the II stage of Research Analytics Championship in pedagogical sciences, psychological sciences and the I stage of the Research Analytics Championship in the philological sciences (London, May 16-May 21, 2012);

2008 – Medal “For contribution to science” awarded by the Charitable Fund “Alfred Nobel Planet”;

2006 – Honorary title “Merited Educator of Ukraine” awarded by the President of Ukraine;

2005 – Diploma of the Supreme Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine for “outstanding service to the Ukrainian people”;

2005 – Fulbright Award for 2005 with a grant for conducting research work in the field of EFL/ESL teaching at Portland State University (for four months – January-May 2005);

2003 – The honorary badge “For Excellence in Educational Work in Ukraine” from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

2003 – Gratitude from Dnipro Regional Council;

2002-2003 – Biography as a scholar and educator included into the 2002 and 2003 editions of "Dictionary of International Biographies" (Cambridge (UK): The International Biographical Centre);

2001 – Biography as a scholar and educator included into the 2001 edition of "1000 Leaders of World Influence". USA: The American Biographical Institute;

1999 – Won the grant for participation in the Regional Scholar Exchange Program and for doing research work in the USA (for four months - August-December 1999 - at the Graduate School of Education, the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia);

1999-2000 – Biography as a scholar and educator included into the 1999 and 2000 editions of "Outstanding People of the 20th Century" (Cambridge (UK): The International Biographical Centre);

1999-2003 – Biography as a scholar and English educator included in 1999 (16th), 2000 (17th), 2001 (18th), 2002 (19th), 2003 (20th), 2004 (21st), 2005 (22nd), 2006 (23d) editions of Who's Who in the World (New Providence, NJ: Marquis Who's Who);

1994 – Fulbright Award for 1994 with a grant for conducting research work in the field of EFL/ESL teaching at the English Language Institute, State University of New York at Buffalo (for four months - August-December 1995);

1991 – The honorary diploma, 3d premium, and honorary badge "For excellent success in work" from the State Educational Committee of the USSR (Moscow);

1990 – The 3d prize for the book "Methods of Teaching English to the 1st Year Technical Students" at the All-Union competition "New Technologies in Education" (Moscow).

Professional service

June 2010 – Evaluator and reviewer of proposals (proposed papers) for Interest Section English as a Foreign Language (seven abstracts) at TESOL 2011 Annual Convention;

June 2009 – Evaluator and reviewer of proposals (proposed papers) for Interest Section English as a Foreign Language (seven abstracts) at TESOL 2010 Annual Convention;

May 2009 – Organizer of the 3d International conference "Teaching General and Business English in Eastern Europe: Why and How?" at Dnipro University of Economics and Law (Dnipro, Ukraine);

December 2008 – present –Member of the Editorial Board of Referees of The Reading Matrix Journal (USA);

December 2008 – present – Member of the Editorial Board of Referees of APAMALL Journal (Asian-Pacific region, Taiwan);

June 2008 – Evaluator and reviewer of proposals (proposed papers) for Interest Section English as a Foreign Language (seven abstracts) at TESOL 2009 Annual Convention;

June 2007 – Evaluator and reviewer of proposals (proposed papers) for Interest Section English as a Foreign Language (29 abstracts) at TESOL 2008 Annual Convention;

May 2006 – Organizer of the 2nd International conference "Teaching Business English in Eastern Europe: Why and How?" at Yalta University of Management (Yalta, Ukraine);

2006-present – Member of the Specialized Scholarly Council K41.053.04 at South Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky (Odessa);

May 2004 – Organizer of the International conference "Teaching Business English in Eastern Europe: Why and How?" at Dnipro University of Economics and Law (Dnipro, Ukraine);

June 2003 – Evaluator and reviewer of proposals (proposed papers) for Interest Section English as a Foreign Language (29 abstracts) at TESOL 2004 Annual Convention “Soaring Far, Catching Dreams”, March 31-April 3, 2004, Long Beach, CA, USA;

2003-2006 – Member of IATEFL/BESIG (Business English Special Interest Group) Committee, Editor of BESIG Newsletter (UK);

2003-present – Member of the Editorial Board of the Messenger of Kharkiv National University “Issues of the Theory of Translation, Communicative and Cognitive Linguistics”;

2003-present – Member of the Specialized Scholarly Council D 26.054.01 at Kyiv National Linguistic University;

2003 – Consulting Editor of The Contemporary Who’s Who – the publication of the American Biographical Institute (USA);

2002 – Organizer of the International (Ukrainian-American) conference "Innovative Approaches to Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures in the New Millennium" at Dnipro University of Economics and Law (Dnipro, Ukraine);

2000-2008 – Honorary member of the International Biographical Centre Advisory Council (UK);

2000-2008 – Member of the Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute (USA);

1998-2004 – Member of AEDEAN (Asociacion Espanola de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos) – Spain;

1997-present – Member of the Editorial Board of the professional journal “Inozemny Movy”;

1997-present – Member of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) – UK;

1994-2004 – Member of ESSE (European Society for Studies of English);

1994-2011 – Member of TESOL (USA).

Maryna Kabanova

Maryna Kabanova

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor

Academic profile

M. Kabanova takes part in academic research; regularly speaks at academic and professional conferences; is responsible for the activities of the Department’s teaching staff in career guidance programmes for schoolchildren of Dnipro region; supervises the preparation of Diploma papers in English.

Paul Bradbeer

Paul Bradbeer


Paul Bradbeer is a British citizen with a degree in History, from Cambridge University.

Married to a Ukrainian, he has been teaching English in Dnipro since 1998, working at Alfred Nobel University since 2002.

Dealing with both Philology and non – Philology students his principal role has been in encouraging students to improve their skills and confidence in spoken English.

To this end, he takes an individual approach to students using communicative games, news stories, material from the UK, and attempting to enliven their class textbooks.

He also helps students in writing descriptive as well as argumentative essays, besides consulting them on academic papers and preparation for Cambridge English examinations. He constantly exchanges opinions with colleagues on realia of life in the English – speaking world. In his free time he is an active birdwatcher having discovered at least ten new species for Dnipro region.

Svitlana Storozhuk

Svitlana Storozhuk

Senior lecturer

Academic profile

Education: in 2000 graduated from the Dnipro National University by O. Honchar and obtained the specialty "Language and Literature (English). She has FCE certificate.

She has been working in Alfred Nobel University from 28 August 2002.

Since October, 2016 she has been enrolled in the PhD course in "015- Professional Education". The spheres of interest include issues related to the usage of the design features of technology in the learning process.

Professional achievements:

- the author of 6 thesis and 4 articles published in collections of materials of scientific conferences;

- Supervises preparation of students to scientific conferences;

- Constantly takes part in academic and methodological conferences, meetings and academic-methodical seminars and workshops.

Subjects taught: the course "Practical course basic language" in I and III course specialty "Philology".

Yuliia Bartashevska

Yuliia Bartashevska

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor

Academic profile


Dnipro National University (2001), major "Computer Studies".

PhD in Economics in 08.00.04. "Economics and management of enterprises"

Subjects taught "Economic cybernetics", "Corporate information systems", "Information systems in management", "Information systems and technologies in management" etc.

Sergiy Vakarchuk

Sergiy Vakarchuk

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Full Professor

Academic profile Academic profile

Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine, Prizewinner of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, member of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)


- graduated from Dnipro State University (1978), speciality "Mathematics".

- presented his doctoral thesis on speciality 01.01.01 "Mathematical Analysis" (1994). Holds the academic rank of Full Professor since 2003.

Scientific and pedagogical work exprerience: 35 years.

Subjects taught: Mathematics for Economists (Higher Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics) - in English, Economic and Mathematical Methods and Models (Optimization Methods and Models, Econometrics) – in English, Riskology, Mathematical Model of Transformational Economy, Applied Problems of Modeling Economic Processes.

The author of over 200 scientific papers (USSR, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, USA, Italy, France, UK, etc.), 16 educational works as well as co-author of international Russian-Polish-Ukrainian textbook “Riskology”.

More than 85 works are included in the most well-known scientometric databases such as Scopus, Math-Net.Ru (Russia), ZMATH Database (Germany), MathSciNet (USA), etc.

Member of two specialized Scientific Councils for Candidate’s Theses: K08.051.09 (01.05.01 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science and Cybernetics, 01.05.02 Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods) and K08.051.06 (01.01.01 Mathematical Analysis) at Oles Gonchar Dnipropetrovsk National University.

Four theses for the degree of Candidate of Physics and Mathematical Sciences, specialty 01.01.01 “Mathematical Analysis” have been prepared and defended under the supervision of S.B. Vakarchuk.

Scientific reviewer of several professional mathematical journals (Ukraine, Hungary, Russia);

Scientific observer of the international abstract journal "Mathematical Reviews" (AMS USA).

In 2012, 2013 was engaged by Thomson Reuters and Times Higher Education Agency as a respondent for ratings of world higher educational institutions.

In 2008 and 2009 within the framework of the International Programme "Development of Population Strategy" with financial support from the United Nations he held a series of lectures on Applied Statistics, intended for employees of the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Repeatedly headed the State Examinations Commission in "Mathematics", "Statistics and Economic Informatics", "Economic Statistics", "Statistics" (DNU).

S.B.Vakarchuk’s biographical data have been published in the "Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine", in such international biographical reference books as "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" (USA) and "Who's Who in the World" (USA).

Research interests: Theory of functions approximation of one and several variables, extreme problems of approximation theory, computational geometry and its application, applied statistics, riskology, economic and mathematical modeling.

Vyacheslav Kosarev

Vyacheslav Kosarev

PhD in Technical Sciences, Professor

Academic profile

Honored Worker of Alfred Nobel University, Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Economic Cybernetics,

The total length of teaching experience is 43 years.

The total number of publications is 118 (including 5 textbooks, 5 monographs, 27 study guides, 78 scientific publications and 3 inventor’s certificates).

Academic Supervisor of state research papers.

Academic Supervisor of Master’s theses.

Regular participant of Ukrainian Association of Economic Cybernetics and scientific and practical conferences.

Teacher of the courses: “Intelligent Systems of Decision-making”, “Information Systems and Technologies in Innovative Activity”, “Management of Informatization Projects”, “Information Security and Data Protection”, “Conceptual support and Strategic Applications in Business Information Technologies”, “Models and Methods of Artificial Intelligence in Economics”.

Ruslan Kluchnyk

Ruslan Kluchnyk

PhD in Political Sciences, Associate Professor

Academic profile


Graduated from the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University in 2011 with a major in Political Science.

He has been working at the Department of Political Science and International Relations since 2014.

Subjects taught: "History of foreign political doctrines", "Political thought in Ukraine", "Political regionalism", "Comparative political science".

Author of more than 20 academic papers in Ukraine and abroad.

The department was founded on 2 January 2001.

Activation of business and economic relations in Ukraine with other countries has given rise to a great need for specialists who can secure a high level of mutually beneficial relations between representatives of our country and our foreign partners.

It is therefore very important to create specialists who can, alongside their expert professional knowledge of foreign languages (first of all, English), use their language skills to develop computer programs and to facilitate international cooperation and communication. Thus, the demand for qualified specialists with a professional level of foreign languages and also of information computer technologies is growing. This means increasing demand for specialists in Applied Linguistics. Nevertheless, today the Department of Applied Linguistics, Alfred Nobel University, remains the only university in Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk region which trains specialists in this field.

Applied Linguistics is the field of linguistics which is oriented to practical usage of achievements in language theory in all the different spheres of human activity connected with the use of language. Applied Linguistics operates with new methods of information processing, especially linguistic and mathematical methods of research. The Department of Applied Linguistics provides practical training for students in IT companies and schools in Dnipropetrovsk region. Students of the department graduate with a Bachelor degree after completing four years of education. The next stage in preparation of specialists is the one and a half year course leading to a Master diploma, which is entitled “Philologist. Applied Linguist. Teacher of the English Language.” Those specialists who have completed their Master program have the opportunity to continue their studies through the Aspirantura and Doktorantura programs (postgraduate programs roughly equivalent to PhD and higher levels in western higher education systems).

Postgraduate researchers are given the opportunity to defend their Kandidat and Doktorat dissertations before specialized academic councils.

A student club operates at the department, “Modern Foreign Languages and Psychology“.

Our department holds annual English language competitions (Olympiads) in conjunction with leading specialized schools in the region.

The department holds a continuously active series of conferences and seminars for school teachers, which take place several times a year under the supervision of Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor Tarnopolsky O.B.

The department has successfully completed the development of a research theme registered on UkrNTI: “Linguistic aspects of foreign language communication and methodology of teaching them.” (state registration number 0110U000323). Currently, our department is developing a new research theme which is registered on UkrNTI. The department staff write scientific articles on this theme. The main forms and methods of realizing this topic consist of both theoretical and experimental research incorporated directly within the educational process. Monographs, textbooks, chapters, articles and abstracts of reports are prepared and published on the basis of the research conducted. We contribute reports at scientific conferences.

The achievement of our department and its scientific –methodological work allow us to successfully cooperate with examination centres of preparation and holding international Cambridge examinations to help students earn internationally recognized certificates of level of mastery of the English language.

The Department has been created on January 2nd, 2001. The main goal of the Department is teaching English at the highest level complying with the latest international requirements. Thus, the newest materials and methods of teaching and learning have been created. The Department conducts scientific research to develop innovative approaches and methods for teaching foreign languages.

The subordinate task is the improvement of methodological and pedagogical skills of teachers of foreign languages from universities and other educational institutions in Dnipro region.

In 2017/18 the research theme of the department «English philological discourse in the context of intercultural communication, theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages was approved and received state registration.

Teachers published 5 articles in foreign publications and presented theses for the international conference. In June 2018 the encyclopedia on teaching foreign languages will be published in the USA which includes the paper from our teacher.

All lecturers also participated in academic conferences and seminars: one was held abroad (Great Britain) and 3 international conferences were held in Ukraine.

The head of the department is one of the editors of the international professional journal of pedagogy "Cogent Education", Great Britain and member of the editorial boards of four foreign professional journals (USA, Switzerland, Taiwan).

All lecturers submitted their papers to the University repository (142 works) registered in Google Schola.

The international activities include:

  • publication of papers abroad;
  • participation in international conferences;
  • editorship in foreign journals
  • peer review of papers submitted to foreign journals (5 papers which were submitted for publication in Great Britain and the USA were peer-reviewed).

Academic and educational cooperation with one of the leading universities in Asia, University Putra Malaysia has been launched and is rapidly moving forward. The guest lecturer of English is expected at Alfred Nobel University by the end of the next academic year.

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